XC Ski & Biathlon   

A racing outfits are  like a work of art that sees the light of day for the first time on the day of the race when everyone's gazing and interested in the athlete. The designer needs to possess insight and knowledge of the sport in order to deliver garment that will deliver a winning performance.

Function is based on understanding


As a designer I put the athlete and their movements into focus during the design process. Comfort and function are true elements of activewear, but they also needs to include fun, beautiful colors, and of course the perfect material for the activity. It is my goal as a designer to combine great looks and performance into a collection.


The feeling of freedom that a runner feels when they are comfortable and in the zone will allow them to go the extra miles.  I want runners to remember the products will always help them reach their goals and train to next level.


Cycling is perhaps recreational sports on this planet !  In cycling, as in other sports, the right kind of equipment  and garments will likely guarantees the best and most comfortable exercise experience.  Cycling clothing must breathe in and sweat away effectively so that clothing does not sweat and get wet. I create high-performance cycling wears that are stylish and colorful for everyone.

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